LIC # 1091373

LIC # 1091373

Sealing & Staining

Concrete Sealing & Staining


Does your home have a concrete driveway, walkways or patio? What about pavers, stamped concrete or exposed aggregate? Are they dull, dirty, weathered or in dire need of a make-over? Because you’re a proud home owner, you may find your well-earned weekend just got high-jacked by hours of cleaning, scrubbing or re-sealing.

Industrial Strength Concrete Sealer

Industrial Strength Concrete Stain & Seal

Industrial Grade Concrete Sealer

Our Concrete Sealing Coating System involves two or more coats of our clear sealer. This sealer is an industrial 2-component, moisture-mitigating, UV-stable and chemically-resistant coating. Customers just like you can avoid weekend scrubbing and frequent re-sealing.

This industrial coating may be used to beautify and protect multiple substrates including concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate, decorative or stamped concrete and even previously coated surfaces.

Why choose our Concrete Sealing Coating System?

Once installed, our industrial sealer will negate hours of weekend maintenance, prevent the infiltration of moisture, and protect substrates from weathering…for years to come. Those second-rate home hardware products just can’t compete…use them and you’ll find yourself re-sealing year after year.

Our Clear Sealing Coating System also blocks the penetration of stains, oil and other contaminants, protects the concrete from abrasion and wear, and enriches color intensity.

So what makes this coating so special?

Our proprietary Clear Sealing Coating System can be used to inexpensively protect any surface for years to come. It is a non-sacrificial, eco-friendly product that minimizes maintenance and re-sealing, and simultaneously creates an impermeable layer against stains.

Other benefits of the Metallic Coating Systems include:

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