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For long-wearing floors, the go-to solution is to have epoxy coatings applied by our experienced contractors. With superior communication, flooring expertise, as well as strategic project management processes, we get the job done right. Flooring projects can be disruptive; as such, our seasoned teams work efficiently to achieve a fast return to service.

At Garage Floor Concrete Coatings, every job is important to us as no project is too small or too big. With a keen eye for detail, a reputation for excellent work, and unrivaled enthusiasm for customer satisfaction, we’ve worked hard to earn our title as one of the best Epoxy Flooring Companies in Simi Valley.

A Local Simi Valley Concrete Coating Company With Proven Experience

Garage Floor Concrete Coatings was established with one goal in mind: to provide the Best Epoxy Flooring Services in Simi Valley. We strive to maintain this standard of excellence every day, specializing in the finest quality Epoxy Flooring for your industrial, Retail, or Residential Flooring project.

Located in Simi Valley, we also service Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Camarillo, and throughout Ventura County; however, our team is committed to “going the distance,” so if you are located in a neighboring county or town, don’t be afraid to contact us to see how we can help you with your next project.

Why are epoxy garage floors better than normal concrete floors?

Professionally installed Epoxy Coatings create maintainable and clean environments; they are a great way of maintaining and protecting the flooring in your residence environment. Whether you run an auto shop exposed to chemicals and oil or operate a restaurant that sees foot traffic or spills, epoxy coatings will make your floor look professional and pristine.

While handyman installations, kits, and DIY products claim to offer professional-grade epoxy flooring systems, single formula or paint coats and water-based products do not share the critical benefits of professionally-installed epoxy floors. Here are a few benefits of having an epoxy flooring system:

  • Protection from road salt, moisture, oil, and petrochemicals, with easy water and soap cleanup.
  • Enhances floor durability that is resistant to cracking, pressure, stains, abrasions, and chemicals.
  • Resurfaces cracked, stained, or damaged concrete with a smooth, self-leveling finish.
  • The production of epoxy is environmentally friendly.
  • With Epoxy flooring, there are endless design possibilities, including patterns, inlays, colors, textures, and logos.
  • Enhances light-enhancing finishes, noise-dampening qualities, and slip-resistant surfaces that improve safety.

Residential Epoxy Floors

One of the latest applications for epoxy coatings is creating a stain-resistant, vibrant, and seamless floor at home. They entail durable, non-skid, and practical floors for workspaces and outdoor areas, while the luster and depth of a metallic epoxy floor turn entry areas into luxurious places to meet your visitors as well as brighten interior rooms. Here are some of the residential epoxy applications enjoyed by our customers:

  • An epoxy floor sets the tone of kitchens and dining areas- it eliminates seams, brightens the room, resists wear from heavy traffic, and protects against spills.
  • A waterproof, slip-resistant surface on Garage basements and floors is enhanced by concrete epoxy coatings- this makes it easy to clean up spills and oils.
  • Cottages, concrete walkways, and home gyms – the protective nature and durability of epoxy flooring surpasses that of paint or sealant or paint, which provides a safe walking surface for your guests and family.
  • Steam rooms, bathrooms, and saunas- benefit from the water-resistant nature of epoxy, and can withstand the humid conditions, while creating safer surfaces in damp areas thanks to non-skid additions of epoxy coatings.
  • Entryways, laundry rooms, and utility rooms- are high-traffic areas, and an epoxy floor will resist water damage or abrasion to prevent costly flooring replacements.

What Problems Does Epoxy flooring mitigate?

Chemical Spill Protection

The regular use of acids, solvents, and other chemicals has corrosive force on concrete surfaces. Epoxy coating systems will preserve structural integrity and offer excellent protection.

Food Safety Compliance

With regular inspections and audits, food companies must be compliant with SQF and other regulations. With professional epoxy flooring, you will have superb food-grade protection from chemical, physical, and biological hazards.

Equipment Protection

Heavy equipment is known to cause heavy abrasions on concrete flooring in distribution. If there is light or heavy equipment working at your residence, Seamless epoxy flooring systems prevent and reduce the occurrence of physical hazards.

Performance and Durability

Being a disruptive process, flooring maintenance is best contained with long-lasting, fast solutions and return to service. Garage Floor Concrete Coatings delivers both many years of epoxy flooring projects delivered on time and with expertise.

Workplace Safety

To prevent slips and falls, different anti-slip additives and textures can be incorporated into the epoxy floor system. Additionally, epoxy is a durable option for floor marking and striping to safely guide workflow and traffic.

Appearance and Aesthetics

Aesthetics is an important element in modern industrial facilities with internal standards of enhancing image. Garage Floor Concrete Coatings will deliver a pleasant, bright look to your facility!

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First, you need to work with a company you can trust for a perfect surface to stand on.  Garage Floor Concrete Coatings are licensed and have the experience and expertise to create a flawless, one of a kind showroom-quality garage floor that will stand the test of time. We can make your new epoxy floor installation ready on the same day or in just a few days for an attractive and practical place to work or hang out. We are a local Epoxy Flooring company based in Simi Valley, CA, and serve the entire Ventura County area with affordable prices and high-end results.

Epoxy flooring solution offers many benefits for your residential space. If you’re looking for Epoxy Flooring Services in Simi Valley, be sure to work with professionals who can keep your facility clean, safe, and looking sharp. Contact us today for a personalized no-obligation assessment of your needs. Our knowledgeable experts will answer all questions regarding epoxy flooring and how it can benefit you in your unique situation.


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