Full Broadcast Flooring Gives You a Unique,
High-Quality Option

Garage Floor Concrete Coatings is your trusted local source for the highest quality, most durable full broadcast floor coating systems on the market today. We offer a wide range of different color options, while providing the toughest industrial grade moisture mitigating polymers and the strongest performing polyaspartic clear coats. We back all of our garage floor coatings with a warranty for as long as you own your home.

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What’s the point in coating concrete when you know it will fail?

Our industry standard installation process is unmatched amongst competitors. We thoroughly and meticulously diamond grind every floor before applying any coatings.
We only use moisture mitigation products because 90% of the floors we test for moisture are elevated. This is the main reason we NEVER apply polyaspartics/polyurea directly to the concrete.

Why Choose A Full Broadcast Floor Coating?

Full Broadcast Chip system flooring provides users with various features of quality, such as low maintenance, durability, reliability, and most importantly, cleanability!

In addition, the flooring is available in various colors and designs, allowing you to find the color that matches best to your decor.

Our products are low-VOC, industrial-grade, and environmentally friendly. Once applied, it gives your floor excellent abrasion stain and scuff resistance. The floor is low maintenance, saving your time and money for other more important things. Think more time to devote to productivity or rest

The full broadcast flooring will not need retouching for many years. This reduces your office or home maintenance costs. Combined with other cost-cutting measures, your margin improves, and you can spend on other, more important things.


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