Full Broadcast Flooring Gives You a Unique,
High-Quality Option

Garage Floor Concrete Coatings is your trusted local source for the highest quality, most durable full broadcast floor coating systems on the market today. We offer a wide range of different color options, while providing the toughest industrial grade moisture mitigating epoxy and the strongest performing polyaspartic/polyurea clear coats. We back all of our residential garage floor coatings with a lifetime never peel warranty for as long as you own your home. 

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Why install an epoxy & polyaspartic/polyurea full broadcast floor coating?

Our industry-leading installation process sets us apart from our competitors with our meticulous diamond grinding and repair of every floor before applying our industrial-grade coatings. Diamond grinding is a crucial step as it eliminates contaminants and the top “cream layer” of concrete, transforming the surface into a more porous surface. To block moisture transmission effectively, our recommended approach is the application of a thick layer of our slow-curing moisture mitigating epoxy. Our epoxy penetrates deep into the concrete pores over approx 4-6 hours, creating a strong chemical bond upon curing. Not only does it prevent moisture transmission, but it also enhances the concrete’s strength. Top coated with one of our many different full broadcast color option before applying our 100% solids polyaspartic clear coat(s).


Why Choose A Full Broadcast Floor Coating?

Full Broadcast Chip system flooring provides users with various features of quality, such as low maintenance, durability, reliability, and most importantly, cleanability!

In addition, the flooring is available in various colors and designs, allowing you to find the color that matches best to your decor.

Our products are low/no-VOC, industrial-grade, and environmentally friendly. Once applied, it gives your floor excellent abrasion, chemical, stain and scuff resistance. The floor is low maintenance, saving your time and money for other more important things. Leaving more time to devote to productivity or rest.

The full broadcast flooring will not need retouching. This reduces your office or home maintenance costs. Combined with other cost-cutting measures, your margin improves, and you can spend on other, more important things.


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