Solid Color Floor Finishes for
a Personal, Durable Touch

Solid Color System

Choosing a solid color floor can bring several advantages to your space, Solid colors offer a clean and minimalist aesthetic while providing a simple backdrop that can complement a variety of design styles. Solid colors are available in many different color options as well as in high gloss or satin finish.

Solid Color Installation

The installation involves thoroughly  diamond grinding the concrete surface, repairing all cracks, chips and pits before applying our thick moisture-mitigating epoxy primer coat, followed by two polyaspartic color coats, and if necessary, a final polyaspartic clear coat. This meticulous process ensures a seamless and flawless finish that enhances the overall aesthetic of the area. Attention to detail is extremely important when completing solid color floors.

Advantages Of Choosing Our Solid Color System

1. Variety Of Colors

One of the remarkable features of the Solid Color coating system is the vast array of available colors. For those seeking a unique touch, the system offers an extensive palette of custom colors, allowing for limitless creativity and personalization. Some of the different options in our Solid Color include:
Arizona Tan
Concrete Gray
Dark Gray
Dark Tan
Light Gray
Light Tan

Transform Your Space Into Something Extraordinary

With our Solid Color system, you can enjoy a floor finish that marries sophistication with strength. Embrace the seamless elegance and transform your space into something extraordinary – a space that will continue to impress for years to come.

Why Choose Garage Floor Concrete Coatings?

  • Our technicians have multiple years of knowledge and experience in the coating industry
  • We use the best equipment for our market
  • All of our products are zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant
  • We offer low-no odor products for interior installations
  • We offer a warranty for every floor coating we install, which ranges from 5 years to lifetime depending on the coating system chosen

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