Garage Floor Coating Photos

Photos of Unique Polyaspartic, Polyurea and Epoxy coatings

Epoxy, Polyaspartic/Polyurea floor coatings will transform any garage into a new living space for your house. Our floor coatings provide excellent flexural strength, superior impact, abrasion, moisture, chemical and stain resistance.

Whether a garage is part of your business or your garage just needs a new look, an epoxy polyaspartic/polyurea coating will produce an elegant look. The shiny surface complements any decorative lighting you have in place. If you are looking to really transform your space, adding our Mica chip to your coated space will give it an entirely new dimension. Our custom Mica-Infused systems adds an intensity and extra pieces that are designed to catch light— your floor will literally sparkle! We offer several designs and color options to outfit your garage.

Epoxy polyaspartic/polyurea floor coatings also cover previous defects your garage floor may have such as cracks, stains and pits. Uncoated concrete acts like a sponge to oil, fluids and grime, in addition, porous concrete breaks down over time to produce a fine dust, which then coats your garage and gets tracked through your home! The non-porous surface provided by an epoxy floor coating ensures dust, grease, oil and other chemicals are wiped up quickly and easily.

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