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Epoxy, Polyaspartic/Polyurea will not need to be redone for an extended amount of time. The coating endures longer than tile, carpet and wood flooring, because of its resistance to shock, water and even stains.

The appearance of epoxy will last for years because of its durable and protective qualities. If you want to establish a flooring that you won’t have to replace regularly over the years, coating is a practical option for preparing any living space including living rooms, kitchens, bathroom, garages and basements for long-term satisfaction. The longevity also reinforces the cost-effective advantages of this coating application. Another advantage of epoxy is its simple upkeep, you can easily sweep and maintain the shiny and resilient coating.

Epoxy flooring provides a smooth and completely sealed surface, free from pores and crevices that make it much easier to clean and maintain.

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