A Variety of Coating Systems to Preserve
Your Garage Floor

Your Trusted Coating Systems Solutions

The concrete coating systems we offer are: Seamless Solid Colors, Full Broadcast, Partial Broadcast, Stone Effects Flooring, Staining and Sealing and Metallics. As one of the only Californian companies to offer these certain blends, our versatile Mica media systems come in a wide range of different color options to meet any decor. For a more textured floor aesthetic, our full broadcast chip systems include various colors and styles through Stone Effects, Stone Effects Partial and Full Broadcast coating installations.

Our diverse coating options are beneficial as they transform any interior or exterior concrete floor into low-maintenance, weather resistant, stable, impermeable, and eco-friendly spaces. We use industrial grade equipment and offer lifetime warranties on all of our full broadcast residential floor coatings. Utilize our quality coating systems and Certified Applicator expertise today for beautifully redone floors and guaranteed long-term satisfaction!


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