Metallic Floor Coating is Eye-Catching
& Highly Functional

Functionality and beauty are two vital qualities every flooring should fulfill, but most fail in one or both of these requirements.  

So, does your flooring tick the two boxes? If the answer is no, then it’s due for an upgrade. 

While there are various Mica coating systems, each with its functionality and beauty, metallic chip systems rank at the top of the epoxy floors

It is the stuff you find in high-end restaurants, eateries, and offices and what inspires a feel-good emotion in most people. We all love to be around great-looking features as we’re artists at heart. 

As a sophisticated homeowner or business owner, there’s no reason you shouldn’t upgrade your drab-looking floor with metallic epoxy floors. It’s for someone like you. 

Installation of the metallic chip systems starts with floor preparation. It has to be dust-free and all holes sealed with epoxy patching products. The floor then has to be scarified through shot blasting or grinding, and when the floor is ready, we apply a primer coat and pearlescent metallic epoxy coats. A layer of clear coat for added strength and beauty comes last. 

Metallic Chip Systems

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Why Choose a Metallic Chip Systems Flooring?

The metallic epoxy floors’ high gloss finish is often enough to convince anyone to upgrade. When installed correctly, the flooring significantly transforms your home to look more premium, and your business appears more attractive, adding more points to the brand. 

A sophisticated-looking business premise creates the impression of attention to detail, style, and organization. This improves the chances of more foot traffic to the business. People get curious and will want to know if there’s a possible match between the high-end flooring and service quality, and it’s up to you to convince them there is. 

The epoxy flooring is more than its good glass-like looks; but durable and inimitable as well. The flooring is excellent for various living spaces such as the living room, kitchen, and basement. You can install the flooring in your warehouse and garage – the options are endless. 

The metallic chip systems flooring benefits from molecular bonding, and as such, it is impermeable and solvent resistant to serve a business’s or home’s needs. The flooring does not stain easily and is low maintenance. This reduces your work of keeping the floor clean. The flooring is eco-friendly and low-VOC, as well. 

The glass-like flooring is available in various colors, and people who love to vary the colors on different rooms or floors can do so. 

Other excellent flooring places include gym rooms, salons, showrooms, and restaurants. Your garments outlet or fashion shop will look great with metallic chip flooring. It is an easy choice in places where visual acuity is vital. 

Garage Floor Concrete Coatings is an Expert in Epoxy Floor Installations

Our metallic chip coating systems are extremely good-looking, low-VOC, abrasion, and stain-resistant. Our epoxy floors are functional and aesthetically stunning. 

For installation, we have skilled and experienced installers who enjoy what they do to ensure you get the eco-friendly, stunning, durable, and low-maintenance flooring you deserve. Contact us to give your flooring the upgrade that it deserves!

Other benefits of the Metallic Epoxy Systems include:

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