Premium Chip Systems

Shopping for a new floor coating? You’ll find an overcrowded marketplace with competing companies offering a range of coating products and systems. But in a vastly overcrowded market, “Let the buyer beware”. Inexperienced contractors with “1-day polyurea-polyaspartic systems” and “do-it-yourself (DIY) kits” abound. How do you ensure you are choosing a quality coating company and a superior floor coating system?

Premium Chip Systems

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Santana on Tumbleweed
Quartzite on Silver Gray
Sedona on Tumbleweed
Granite on Silver Gray
Santana on Pebble Beach
Santana on Pacific Gray
Santana on Taupe
Dark Blue with White on Executive Gray

Chip Systems That Will Make Your Garage Sparkle

One of our many quality coatings is the Chip System. PVA, or polyvinyl acetate, is a type of thermoplastic “chip” that can be incorporated into coating systems to provide color, contrast, and texture. We offer our Chip Systems in a variety of colors and styles including our Deluxe, Premium and Ultra coating systems.

Installation involves the application of a standard or moisture-mitigating epoxy primer coat followed by one to two color coats. Depending upon the selected system, PVA chips are broadcast in varying densities of “medium”, “extra-heavy” through “full chip” spread into the color coat…and one or more clear coats are subsequently applied to produce the high gloss finish. The result is uniquely textured and visually stunning flooring.

Why Choose a Chip Media System?

As a customer, you can derive great comfort in the fact that our installers are highly trained in the art and science of application. With over 15 years of experience in coating systems installation, Garage Floor Concrete Coatings has developed expertise far beyond that of our competitors and deep relationships with our clients.

Other benefits of the Ultra Chip Systems include:

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Low maintenance
  • Low in VOCs
  • Solvent & abrasion resistant
  • Molecular bonding
  • Guaranteed

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