Upgrade Your Flooring with
Bagar Stone Effect Mica

Connecting with nature doesn’t have to be about outdoor adventure. You can get a better connection in your home with Mica coating systems

The reflective coating systems flooring has a unique pattern and texture and comes in various levels of opacity and multi-colors. But the coating systems are not only about their appeal. They are durable as well. 

Our earth effects coating systems allow you to insert the natural world into your living room. Other places that would do great with epoxy flooring include the garage, porch, and basement – these areas tend to be forgotten.

The installation of bagari stone effects epoxy flooring starts with epoxy primer as a moisture mitigating coat. A color coat follows, with spreads of Mica epoxy floor chips or flakes and one or more clear coats. 

Where You Can Apply the Bagari Stone Effects Coating System

Mica chips in a coating system take your flooring to a new level. The granite and other stone flooring come in numerous opacities and colors. You can choose the most appropriate. 

Since the epoxy flooring is available in varying colors and opacities, you can use it in different spaces within your home. You can pick a different color for each space to make it more interesting. 

The Bagari stone effects flooring can either be full-chip spread or partial spread. Whatever your choice, you’re sure of unprecedented texture reflectivity and patterns. Your grocery store or service outlet can do with premium quality flooring to serve as an advertisement. Premium flooring tells your customers that you’re serious about quality.

The strength of the epoxy flooring also makes it a great candidate for store or warehouse flooring, and will not crack under pressure or scratch. 

Mica coating systems are low maintenance and clean easily. Your busy establishment could do with this flooring, and your staff can focus on something else more important. 

Bagari Stone Effects Epoxy Flooring

*Due to screen color calibration settings, images and color tones may vary from actual samples.

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Why Install Bagari Stone Effects Flooring?

A high-end mica flooring system is the desire of everyone as it elevates the stature of any living space. And considering that the epoxy flooring is available in different patterns and colors, you can match the flooring with other decors to bring it all together perfectly. 

The flooring is durable and so will outlast any other flooring easily, and as a result eliminates expenses associated with constant repairs and replacements. 

The Mica coating system is as natural as it gets for those that want to bring nature into their homes. You can choose to remain barefoot to benefit from the connection through your feet.

These floors are highly resistant to staining, scratches, and abrasions and extremely UV stable. That means installing the flooring on the outside floors without worrying about damage.

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Our Mica coating systems are more durable, eco-friendly, and most attractive for upgrading your living space. Our professional installers ensure the final installation is a work of art and exceeds your expectations. Talk to us today at Garage Floor Concrete Coatings and let us do your floor upgrade!

Other benefits of the Mica Media Systems include:

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